For most organisations, planning for complex supply chain processes, including dispatch and production planning, involves a team of planners and long planning times. With planning optimisation, plans are automated, delivered faster, and efficient (cost and fulfilment optimised).

But, what does automation imply for the workforce?

Positive Employee Experiences

The importance of having a human touchpoint for creating rich customer experiences, or human cognitive and creative skills for product and process-level differentiation is well understood. When manual and repetitive tasks are automated, new roles and responsibilities that are focused on problem-solving, exception handling, contingency planning, communication, etc. emerge. These create better and more satisfying employee experiences, professional growth, and greater engagement with the organisation.

To understand how Verdis planning optimisation delivers positive business and employee outcomes, let us know your interest for a demo here Artificial Intelligence for Leadership.

Business success today requires intelligent technologies to ensure process efficiency, recognize trends, mitigate risks, and automate repetitive tasks. Implementing smart technologies has, therefore, become an important growth strategy. Before investing in sophisticated and (often) cloud-based data-intelligence solutions, organizations must determine whether their business ecosystems can support such capabilities.

For the…

Most organizations refrain from technological innovation in their planning owing to the hassles of learning, training or a perceived lower ROI on implementation. The VERDIS approach to planning addresses these concerns with-

· Ease of data management, through

- Easy updation, validation & management of Master& Operational data

- Ease…

The pressures of globalization are not just experienced for the supply, production, and logistics segments of the supply chain but also packaging. The way these products are produced, assembled, and brought to the market has implications on their marketability and the customer buying decision. However, many businesses have made it…

Holisol’s Pick and Pack System (PNP) has been developed by our in-house technology experts for efficient management of picking and packing processes in your fulfilment centre to ensure accurate mix/assorted pack order fulfilment. Holisol PNP reduces the dependency on manual paper-based operations, where each item being picked for fulfilment needs…


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